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There’s no justice in America’s justice system

The answer lies in the huge volume of federal and state criminal laws which are broad and impossibly vague… If you think it’s only the criminals getting caught up in felony entrapment, think again… Tens of thousands of people every … Continue reading

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Law Has Been Murdered

“…the US Department of Justice has been successful in preventing the system from delivering any justice. The US Court system delivers support for the government’s crimes. That’s it.”    …an historically supported prerequisite to total tyranny. Instead of sitting there with … Continue reading

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Property and Criminality: A Detailed Review and Synopsis of Chapter 9 or Murray N. Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty

by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume A criminal is defined as anyone who initiates violence against another man and his property—e.g. anyone who uses the coercive “political means” for the acquisition of goods and services. If you see A grabbing … Continue reading

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