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Marx Loved Satan

IMHO, Murray Rothbard was the smartest man to have ever lived. — jtl, 419 Marx’s Path to Communism By Murray N. Rothbard via LewRockwell.com This article is excerpted from volume 2, chapter 10 of An Austrian Perspective on the History … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Socialist Anarchism

by Per Bylund via Mises Daily: Thursday, March 30, 2006 The new movie “V for Vendetta” has provoked public discussion of the meaning of anarchism. Murray Rothbard was an advocate of the stateless society, but he was never accepted by the anarchist … Continue reading

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Why People Tolerate a Total State

The people I see at the airports and in the malls and at the bars don’t strike me as the kind of people who will ever think anything “their” government does is wrong…nor will they ever think there is anything … Continue reading

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This was published by the old FlyoverPress but I had an inquiry about it and decided it best to republish it here. — jtl, 419 Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume 18 Nov 02 “They who say all men are equal … Continue reading

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