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“Y’All Come!” Skype Opens America’s Borders. Green Cards for All!

So does that mean we can fire all that zillion lecherous border guards so they can get real jobs that contribute to economic value? Don’t hold your breath!–jtl, 419 by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist Beginning in 2015 … Continue reading

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That Pesky Napoleonic Code

Ahhh, now I know why I have always felt more comfortable and safe in all of the Latin American countries that I have visited than I do here in the Land of the Sleaze and the Home of the Slave. — … Continue reading

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The Tribal Mentality

“There’s a lot of ways of dividing people in two classes, but let me give you the one that’s relevant now: There’s two ways you can deal with your fellow human beings, one, there are people who believe you should … Continue reading

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Amnesty Sì, Amnesty No: And Other Irrelevancies

It is as real and natural as the law of gravity. Borders are like the permeable membranes of a plant’s root. Labor always goes to high wage areas and capital always moves to low wage areas. And there is nothing … Continue reading

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By Any Measure, the U.S. Is the Largest Sponsor of Terror

Need I remind you of the difference in the defiitions of “patriots” and “nationalists?” They are not the same thing. A patriot is someone who loves his country, its land, its people, its culture, language, art, music and heritage. A natonalist … Continue reading

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How Do Drug Laws Affect Privacy?

by Bill Rounds Esq. from How to Vanish on September 9, 2009  A Growing Trend: Decriminalizing Drugs  Drug laws and policy is a controversial topic. I wish only to address the privacy aspect of this topic, keeping my remarks independent … Continue reading

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