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Doctor Sentenced to Die in Prison for Healing People with Marijuana as Child Predator Congressman Let Out Early

Looking at the bigger picture, Piland’s case may serve as an indictment of a justice system and a pharmaceutical industry that will go to great lengths to ensure the truth about cannabis is never told. After all, Piland is a … Continue reading

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A free robot lawyer is fighting parking tickets and much more

From Yahoo Finance: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/free-robot-lawyer-fighting-parking-tickets-across-us-152052274.html   In 2015, British entrepreneur—and current Stanford junior Joshua Browder—launched DoNotPay, a site offering consumers free help fighting parking tickets. DoNotPay is a chatbot and, using artificial intelligence, asks its pro-bono clients a series of questions … Continue reading

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Parking violation turns into police assault caught on video – lawsuit

13 cop cars shown on the video (I think there was more on the right side also) to just one man not even armed or dangerous. This proves that, as long as we stay “passive and submissive” there is no … Continue reading

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Officer Safety . . .

Always keep in mind when encountered by the Costumed Goons, the average American is eight (8) times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist. — jtl, 419 by eric via Eric Peters Autos If it is reasonable – … Continue reading

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Jury Nullification May Be The Most Important Thing You Hear About All Day: The Just Us Movement

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick] Last week I was sitting around a table in a beautiful setting, drinking wine, surrounded by eight of the largest names in the freedom movement. I’ll get to why … Continue reading

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Oregon State Police Taser Autistic Child Found Wandering Naked

Family speaks to Infowars.com Adan Salazar Infowars.com June 20, 2013 When police found a confused and naked 11-year-old girl wandering a stretch of highway along the I-5 corridor in Oregon, they didn’t exactly offer her a ride home. Instead the … Continue reading

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A Man Who Shot a Killer Dog Is Fined $1,000. Unregistered Gun.

by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist  In Washington, D.C., three pit bulls attacked an 11-year-old boy. A neighbor went into his home, got a 9mm pistol, and shot one of the dogs. The police heard the shots and … Continue reading

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Colorado Gun Control Law Is Unenforceable, Say Colorado’s Sheriffs.

Written by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist  A gun control law set to go into effect in July specifies that anytime that a gun owner allows anyone to have control of his gun for over 72 hours, that person to receive … Continue reading

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7 Rules for Recording Police

Steve Silverman Gizmodo via Dprogram Delivered by The Daily Sheeple Last week the City of Boston agreed to pay Simon Glik $170,000 in damages and legal fees to settle a civil rights lawsuit stemming from his 2007 felony arrest for videotaping police roughing … Continue reading

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Why I’m Teaching My Son To Break the Law

Making the world freer is always right, especially when the law is wrong . In 1858, hundreds of residents of Oberlin and Wellington, Ohio—many of them students and faculty at Oberlin College—surrounded Wadsworth’s Hotel, in Wellington, in which law enforcement officers … Continue reading

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