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The Joint Committee on Reconstruction–or do you love Big Brother?

“Reconstruction” was put in place to do two things. First, it was to teach the Southerners that you don’t mess with the central, collectivist regime in Washington, because, from here on, that’s where the real power is for the foreseeable … Continue reading

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“Reconstruction” Was (and is) Marxism

…Foner was forced to admit that “reconstruction” was “an unfinished revolution.”  What he neglected to say was that it was unfinished because it is still going on! It has now spread way beyond the South and encompasses the entire country, … Continue reading

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Karl Marx—Deadbeat Daddy

Donnie Kennedy and I, in our book, Lincoln’s Marxists, noted that Charles A. Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune hired Marx to write columns for the paper, which was owned and published by utopian socialist Horace Greeley.   … Continue reading

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American communism

These planks are all supported by the major political parties and their politicians. Yep, not a dime’s worth. We are all slaves. Read on and you will become a believer before you finish the article. There are only two things … Continue reading

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How “History” Professors View the “Civil War”

He had some interesting commentary in his article that backed up what Donnie Kennedy and I said in our book Lincoln’s Marxists.  The title of his article was The Civil War Was a Victory for Marx and Working-Class Radicals. Ah yes, democracy, … Continue reading

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The Desire For Total Control

Is taking over the Communications Commission what the Marxists are doing by forcing local radio and television stations to be controlled by the “already fake news” outlets? Did you ever wonder? How can any country claim to have freedom of … Continue reading

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The Republican Establishment Is Still Marxist

 The Republican Establishment has one goal, furthering the agenda of those who promote One World Government. And believe it or not, in order to do this without being detected, they often have to appear to be bumbling idiots. And they … Continue reading

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Marx Loved Satan

IMHO, Murray Rothbard was the smartest man to have ever lived. — jtl, 419 Marx’s Path to Communism By Murray N. Rothbard via LewRockwell.com This article is excerpted from volume 2, chapter 10 of An Austrian Perspective on the History … Continue reading

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Meet the Communists Praised by the Pope in his Congressional Address

 Basically, Pope Francis is attempting what the Soviet Union could not manage to pull off in the past, and that’s to forcibly convert the US to Communist ideology. See! I’m not the only one that understands what the phony bastard … Continue reading

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The Speech Pope Francis Should Have Given

 But, sadly, did not Francis is a Marxist. That’s why the media et al are wringing their hands and wetting their panties over him. — jtl, 419 by Lawrence W. Reed from the Foundation for Economic Education   Pope Francis, Address … Continue reading

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