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A Never-Trump Press in Near Panic

Trump-haters in the press may be terrified that the memo may credibly demonstrate that the “Deplorables” were right, that the elite media have been had, that they were exploited and used by the “deep state,” that they let their detestation … Continue reading

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Watching Major Media Commit Suicide: Notes On The End Of The News Business As We Know It

Do you know what a tired rich media liberal (fake socialist) looks like? Of course you do. You can see one every night anchoring the national news. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of bastards. — jtl, 419 By … Continue reading

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How Trump Could Shut Down Mitch McConnell if Necessary

 Trump has a thick skin. The media can’t lay a glove on him. This is Joe Lewis vs. Max Schmeling — the second fight. This enrages the media. And I am enjoying the hell out of it. — jtl, 419 … Continue reading

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Press Credentials: A Federal Judge Who Needs a Psychiatrist with a Sideline in Proctology

wannabe transvestite in a black nighty lol I love it. I’m gonna adopt that one for my own. lol — jtl, 419 by Fred Reed A serious question in an Internet age is who qualifies as a journalist and therefore … Continue reading

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Propaganda Rules The News

I don’t suppose this is breaking news for anybody that subscribes to this blog. — jtl, 419 by Paul Craig Roberts via The Daily Bell Gerald Celente calls the Western media “presstitutes,” an ingenious term that I often use. Presstitutes … Continue reading

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Journalism in America

by eric  What happened to journalism that actually challenged – or even questioned – authority? You know, looked into things – and (as the slogan of a big-time paper styles it) exposed wrongdoing to the world without fear or favor? When … Continue reading

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