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Get off your knees, Gov. Pence! You’re not in a gay bath-house

Why do men like Mr. Pence, who understand these principles all too well, buckle before a mob of lobotomized tyrants with the intelligence of a Miley Cyrus? Easy question. Everybody knows that the White, Western European Male is the root … Continue reading

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Fifty Ways to Leave Leviathan

by MAX BORDERS, JEFFREY A. TUCKER via The Freeman State management of society is not only contrary to human liberty; it is also unworkable. It cannot achieve what it seeks to achieve, which is often all-round control of some sector of economic and … Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus and the Pornification of America

Consider this: during a week in which news reports on NSA mass surveillance, militarized police forces, and a war brewing with Syria were vying for attention, CNN’s number one news story was Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance. Sounds like the death … Continue reading

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