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The Anti-Rothbard Cult

A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 297 with Tom Woods discussing the Anti-Rothbard Cult Recently by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: ‘The Question Libertarians Just Can’t Answer’, Part IIListen to the podcast ROCKWELL: At the recent Mises University, Tom Woods gave quite an … Continue reading

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FDR: Sowing the Seeds of Chaos

It has been accurately said that, if the American economy was the 7th wonder of the world, the American economic ignorance is the 8th. The same can be said for economics’ beautiful sister – history. It is amazing how many … Continue reading

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Property and Exchange: A summary and synopsis of Chapter 2 of For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray N. Rothbard

 by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume The Nonaggression Axiom The central axiom of the libertarian creed is the “nonaggression axiom.” “Aggression” is synonymous with invasion and is defined as the initiation of force or violence (or threat thereof) against the … Continue reading

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