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Top Libertarian Warns of Martial Law, Cashless Society

What the media’s not telling you Kit Daniels | Infowars.com In this interview with Infowars’ Kit Daniels, world-renowned libertarian Lew Rockwell breaks down how the Senate is granting President Obama “martial law” powers and how the megabanks are pushing for … Continue reading

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The Latest FATCA Propaganda & Atrocities

BANKS REQUIRING NON US-CITIZENS TO COMPLETE US TAX FORMS But, but, but…they hate us because we’re free, right? Any bunch of bastards this arrogant do not deserve to exist. — jtl, 419 [The following post is written by Director of … Continue reading

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China to Start Payments With Russia in National Currencies on December 29

So, did the uS government invade Iraq to save the world and all the little children? No, it invaded Iraq because Sodomy Insane had plans to start up his own oil markets in his own currency. This is just another … Continue reading

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