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What Exactly Is Racism?

On the other hand, maybe a racist is someone who believes different groups tend to have common characteristics, even while acknowledging the axiomatic point that each individual person is unique. But whether it’s family structure, a penchant for alcoholism, a … Continue reading

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The Neocon Menace

Despite having vast power, the neocons seem to be in perpetual anxiety. They’re like fleas on a beautiful dog—constantly worried about being scratched off. Within the confines of contemporary politics, there is no such thing anymore as a true old … Continue reading

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Syndical Syndrome

by Murray N. Rothbard via Mises Daily: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 [Libertarian Forum, June 1971] New Yorkers have recently had to suffer yet another irresponsible blackjacking at the hands of power-drunk labor unions. This time it was the bridge tenders and garbage-incinerator … Continue reading

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Did you ever wonder why the uSSA government is so fond of dictatorships? — jtl, 419 By Murray N. Rothbard via LewRockwell.com Mises.org This first appeared in The Libertarian Forum, Volume VII, NO.7, July, 1975 For sixty years, American foreign policy has been … Continue reading

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Tax Day

I say we should hold a bake sale (and, if we are feeling especially energetic we could throw in a car wash). Then the bastards would have to live for the rest of the year on whatever level of funding … Continue reading

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Why Conservatives Love War and the State

by Murray N. Rothbard via LewRockwell.com  This article originally appeared in Left and Right, Spring 1965, pp. 4-22, as “Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty.”  This image of a young Murray Rothbard, originally published by the Mises Institute here, has … Continue reading

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Police, Law, and the Courts: A synopsis and summary of Chapter 12 of Murray N. Rothbard’s For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto

For the past few days we have been talking about certain “legal” matters from the libertarian perspective. It seems to me that the next logical step would be to “enforcement.” How would these “rules” be enforced in a society free … Continue reading

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FlyoverPress is Featuring Two Books For Today

In keeping with the Gary North article: Are Most Americans Utterly Blind About Gold? FlyoverPress is Featuring Two Books For Today. What Has Government Done to Our Money? Case for the 100 Percent Gold Dollar  By Murray N. Rothbard. The … Continue reading

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What Should You Read?

 by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. via  LewRockwell.com TomWoods.com Recently by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: Florida Senate President: I Didn’t Really Mean I Would Shoot Dissidents; You Took Me Out of Context People often ask me what books they ought to read in … Continue reading

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Long Live the Loophole

by Murray N. Rothbard on December 13, 2012 Editor’s Note: Although negotiations concerning the “fiscal cliff” seem to be at an impasse, the one thing both Democrats and Republicans agree on is their desire to close tax loopholes. That is … Continue reading

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