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Send Money: An Inside Look at the Defense Industry

If you can read this without laughing out loud, there is something wrong with your sense of humor. — jtl, 419 by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything In early 2035, the thirty-fourth year of the war against Al Qaeda, … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism: Breaking Your Legs and Taking Your Crutches

Across the country, occupational licensing laws raise prices for consumers and prevent workers from pursuing self-employment. Cities across the country have shut down hair braiders, food trucks, and other small businesses frequently founded by members of economically vulnerable groups. In … Continue reading

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Rotting, Decaying And Bankrupt – If You Want To See The Future Of America Just Look At Detroit

via The Economic Collapse Eventually the money runs out.  Much of America was shocked when the city of Detroit defaulted on a $39.7 million debt payment and announced that it was suspending payments on $2.5 billion of unsecured debt, but … Continue reading

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The FBI: An American Cheka

 by William N. Grigg  via Pro Libertate     Nearly twenty years ago, then-FBI Director Louis Freeh – still basking in his agency’s residual glory from the Mt. Carmel Massacre of April 1993 – visited Moscow to sign a joint cooperation … Continue reading

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Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11

 by WashingtonsBlog What Else Did He Lie About? The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd writes today: In a documentary soon to appear on Showtime, “The World According to Dick Cheney,” [Cheney said] “I got on the telephone with the president, … Continue reading

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“Tax Expenditures”: Not Taxing Is Allegedly Spending

by George Reisman via The Mises Daily To reduce government spending means to reduce the money the government pays out, not to reduce the money it has chosen not to take in. The first is a reduction in government spending; … Continue reading

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The Higher-Education Bubble

by Douglas French via Mises.org “Like the housing bubble, the education bubble is about security and insurance against the future. Both whisper a seductive promise into the ears of worried Americans: Do this and you will be safe.” The Higher-Education … Continue reading

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The War Propaganda Continues

…they actually view the U.S. government as a tyrannical foreign invader and occupier (which it has been). And so how do you think Americans would view them if the situation was reversed? — jtl, 419 by Scott Lazarowitz of  Reason and … Continue reading

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The Rationally Misinformed Voter

It only encourages the bastards. — jtl, 419 by Thomas J. DiLorenzo via LewRockwell.com Recently by Thomas DiLorenzo: Be Patriotic: Become a Secessionist In the sub-discipline of economics known as public choice, an important concept is the theory of “rational ignorance.” … Continue reading

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Why Do the Neocons Hate LRC?

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. Southern Poverty Law Center. Montgomery, Alabama.   The other day, the Southern Poverty Law Center discovered a set of ideas that had to be stomped out of existence: anarcho-capitalism. That’s LewRockwell.com, of course. But the … Continue reading

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