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Black Violence Matters

I don’t know about you guys but I’m sick and tired of everything from the Crucifixion of Christ on down being blamed on the “evil White man.” — Frankly, if it was not for the White Western European the rest … Continue reading

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Charge: Police “Steal” $100,000-worth of Legal Guns and Ammo From Citizen

   Meanwhile, back at the land of the leech and the home of the slave… — jtl, 419 by  Selwyn Duke via The New American Imagine you get into a loud argument in your home with an adult son. Though it’s resolved … Continue reading

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NYPD Strike Exposes Empty Narratives

by Ryan Calhoun via Center for a Stateless Society Good news, everyone! The police of New York City are on strike. Over the past week, arrests rate have dropped by 66% versus annual expectations, with traffic enforcement down 94%. As a result, New York did … Continue reading

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Gun Confiscation Begins in NY Via Dead Family Members

Don’t worry. They will try that shit here because you allowed that shit there. It’s pretty simple really. Is it time yet? — jtl, 419 By Brandon Turbeville via Activist Post Gun confiscation has indeed begun in New York. This … Continue reading

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What We Each Can Do for Freedom

There is hope for liberty folks. And here is how it can be done. — jtl, 419 Alex Jones interviews Lew Rockwell on the role we all can play. Lew Rockwell: The Truth Shall Make Us Free Alex Jones interviews Lew … Continue reading

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Valentines? Valentines? Notes on the Pussification of America

As SFC Steven F Barry once said, “No woman should be allowed to teach any male child anything.”   by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything It is time to get women out of the schooling of boys. It is … Continue reading

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If You Could Make More Money By Going On Welfare Instead Of Working, Would You Do It?

 By Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse   If you could stay home and relax all day and actually make more money than you do at your current job, would you do it?  That sounds crazy, but this is actually a … Continue reading

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Making Sense: A Guide to Our Times

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything In 1950 America was conservative, prosperous and,  superficially anyway, happy. The war had been won. America had no competition  of any kind anywhere. Calm prevailed. The races lived separately with little  conflict. Men … Continue reading

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Social Policy: A Bumpkin’s Eye View

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything I’m trying to figure out what a “disparate impact” is. Help  me. It’s slow going. I don’t guess I studied much in school, back in Wheeling, and  big words make me itch. It … Continue reading

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The View from Abroad: The World is not Billy Bob’s Rib Pit

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everyghing TSA I bet this won’t surprise you.        The United  States is the most hated country in the world, followed closely by Israel, and  then by nobody. Why? Why not Ecuador? China? Russia? East … Continue reading

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