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Act Surprised

via Devvy Kidd No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony from The Daily Beast “All the evidence leads me to believe that the great Sony Pictures hack of 2014 is far more likely to be the work of one disgruntled employee … Continue reading

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Does “The Land of the Free” Have Any Rational Meaning?

A FREE-MAN‘s TAKE with Paul Rosenberg I once knew a man who was a deacon in the Catholic Church. During certain ceremonies, his job was to raise his hand in a gesture of blessing over a church member and say some … Continue reading

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Oh Help. Oh Help. Oh Help. Disordered Ramblings on Martial Prowess.

 The world´s most magnificent budget got run out of Nam …The same  highly-trained martial codpiece got run out of Lebanon with 241 Marines dead,  run out of Mogadishu by teenagers with armed pickup trucks, performed a comedy  routine trying to rescue … Continue reading

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War in Korea

US ground and air forces are bogged down in Afghanistan and the Mideast, their equipment is run down, and the US Treasury seriously out of money. A real war in Korea might plunge the US into a depression. The fall … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Strength: Kim Jong Un Edition

The US government is a state. And lying — deliberately, shamelessly — whenever it serves their interests is what states do. Yep, and it (the uS government) has nothing to do with America. It is actually the anti-thesis (even anti-Christ) … Continue reading

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Resistance is Dangerous; Submission is Frequently Fatal

by William Norman Grigg via Pro Libertate Resisting arrest is not a crime. It is a common-law right, the exercise of which is treated as if it were a crime. The act of resistance was transmuted into a criminal offense … Continue reading

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Are you happy? If not, why not?

by Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante If you live in the West, let me provide a few clues as to why you may be unhappy. Perhaps… just perhaps, it is because you’ve been enslaved your entire life.  You popped … Continue reading

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