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ISIS Has Camps On The U.S. Border, But Obama Says ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Are The Greatest Terror Threat

 I’ll bet you can find yourself on Obomber’s hit list. If those ISIS idiots would quit killing innocents and focus on government functionaries, they just might find themselves some allies on this list. — jtl, 419 By Michael Snyder via … Continue reading

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Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

OK, all you anarcho-capitalists and other wild-eyed, green toothed morons clinging to your guns and your bibles, pay attention (satiric sarcasm, in case you didn’t notice). — jtl, 419 By Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse Do you know what … Continue reading

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Obama-backed Mexican Troops Disarm & Massacre More Civilians

Poor Mexico. So far from God and so close to the united States. — an old Mexican saying. This behavior is not unique to the “Obomber” administration. I feel very secure in saying that the Bush Dynasty New World Order … Continue reading

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Extreme Hypocrisy! Obama Orders Federal Workers To “Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can”

This has been as plain as the nose on your face since the get go. But I’m glad somebody decided to write about it. — jtl, 419 via The Economic Collapse Why would the president of the United States try … Continue reading

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Social Oncology, Race, and the Legacy Media: “It´s Just a Lump. It Will Probably Go Away.”

Nowadays, the quickest way to being labeled “racist” is to tell the truth. But the truth is the truth and here are the facts: When I graduated from high school in 1962, I was president of the debate club. The … Continue reading

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IRS Scandal: It Wasn’t Just Cincinnati (and May Involve Other Federal Agencies)

Written by  Thomas R. Eddlem of The New American   The Obama administration’s key defense in the IRS scandal is falling apart. Up until now, the administration has relied upon the implicit claim that IRS targeting of conservative groups applying … Continue reading

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Will The New Housing Bubble That Bernanke Is Creating End As Badly As The Last One Did?

Via The Economic Collapse Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has done it.  He has succeeded in creating a new housing bubble.  By driving mortgage rates down to the lowest level in 100 years and recklessly printing money with wild abandon, … Continue reading

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The More Illegal Immigrants That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

Read the title boys and girls and tell me who is footing the bill. Yep, the productive class–the people who actually work for a living to produce things that other people express a desire for through voluntary exchange. — jtl, … Continue reading

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EPA Ex-boss Jackson Caught Breaking Law, Scamming U.S. Taxpayers

Two ways to attain wealth: Work for it = the economic means. Steal it = the political means. So, politics just naturally attracts the criminal class. — jtl, 419 Written by Alex Newman via The New American The Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading

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