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Santilli Prosecution a Tyrannical Assault on Free Speech and Press

 Jealous of losing their role as information gatekeepers — and thus as controllers of the narrative the public hears – “progressive” defenders of returning to the old ways (every day for them is Opposite Day) – have gone so far … Continue reading

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Lavoy Finicum, The FBI, and Why You’re Missing the Point

 Why was there a roadblock set up in the first place?  Why was there such a display of force for something that had been peaceful up to this point?  When we contrast this protest with the riots in Ferguson or … Continue reading

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Federal judge affirms release of Joseph O’Shaughnessy; delays decision on Pete Santilli

Mosman said his decision will rest on learning more about the context of what federal prosecutors described as several “incendiary” statements made by Santilli on his  online video broadcasts. “Incedndiary” statements? What the hell is an “incendiary” statement? Apparently ISIS … Continue reading

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Comment: Video Bundy Arrest / Finicum Killing

You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and … Continue reading

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Only the Beginning for Civil Unrest

Even some libertarians have joined the attacks on the ranchers. These libertarians say ranchers like the Hammonds are “corporate welfare queens” because they graze their cattle on federal lands. However, since the federal government is the largest landholder in many … Continue reading

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Oregon State Police Taser Autistic Child Found Wandering Naked

Family speaks to Infowars.com Adan Salazar Infowars.com June 20, 2013 When police found a confused and naked 11-year-old girl wandering a stretch of highway along the I-5 corridor in Oregon, they didn’t exactly offer her a ride home. Instead the … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Inversion of the American Union

by Donald W. Livingston via LewRockwell.com Part 5 of “The Secession Tradition in America,” a paper presented at the 1995 Mises Institute conference, “Secession, State, and Economy.” Click here for Part 4, “Peaceful Disunion in Europe.” Jefferson Davis President 1861–1865 … Continue reading

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