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A Surprising Number Of Americans Believe In Conspiracy Theories – And Many Of Them Are Actually True

via The American Dream. Have you ever noticed that whenever the government or the mainstream media wants to demonize a particular point of view they call it a “conspiracy theory”?  The unspoken message is that normal people such as us … Continue reading

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The Children of the Drone

They hate us because we are free, or so we have been told. We’re also told that predator drones are keeping us safe by killing dangerous terrorists. Let me introduce you to….The Children of the Drone via Hang the Bankers The girl … Continue reading

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I Forgive You and My Apologies

I apologize for, having to learn of the State’s depredations the hard way by being part of the biggest criminal gang in world history…. If some invading force came into my backyard I, like every other American, would respond in … Continue reading

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