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MTV Says It’s Impossible For Black People to be Racist

Only white people can be racist  You know, race relations would be a whole lot better if folks like MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey would just quit saying stupid shit like this. — jtl, 419 by Paul Joseph Watson via InfoWars     … Continue reading

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Radical Feminism

Murray Rothbard called “women’s lib” (aka radical feminism) the “ugly girl’s movement.” — jtl, 419 by Paul Joseph Watson editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. As you can see from this video, feminists are nice, polite people. They … Continue reading

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Mass media desperate to rescue debunked feminist narrative by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON via InfoWars https://www.youtube.com/embed/-R7o-2jWItc“> Having lost the debate, radical feminists are being helped by the corporate media to portray themselves as victims of hate speech in a move to … Continue reading

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Shock Video: Police Execute Man With His Hands Up

Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com Editor’s Note: Was this police shooting justified? The man appears to have his hands up and doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat, but police say he picked up a rock at some point during the … Continue reading

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