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New under the Sun: A Long View of Women

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything With embarrassment I note that in my last column, due to confusion with an assistant, a photo of a bridge in France was labeled as being in Mexico. I request clemency on grounds … Continue reading

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Life After the Endless Suburbs: Matrimony Abroad

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything         This is Chapter Three of How to Marry a Third-World Woman and Live Happily Ever After, Somewhere Else. While it contains many generalizations, generalizations are generally true, which is why they are … Continue reading

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The Economics of World Government

by Hans-Hermann Hoppe A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 130 of Hans-Hermann Hoppe at the 2009 Mises University talking about the economics of political centralization.  Listen to the podcast Hans-Hermann Hoppe ANNOUNCER: This is the Lew Rockwell Show. … Continue reading

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Quote for Today

Did y’all hear the latest about Justin Bieber? He had a brain transplant, from a cocker spaniel, & all his friends say it’s improved his IQ. And what about Jennifer Anniston? She had a brain IMplant, because she was born … Continue reading

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