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Army Virtue-Tweet Backfires: 1000s Expose “Heartbreaking” Horrors of War

Tweet after tweet after tweet, people used the opportunity that the Army had inadvertently given them to describe how they or their loved one had been chewed up and spit out by a war machine that never cared about them. … Continue reading

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Why America is in perpetual war

People don’t start wars. Governments do. — jtl, 419 by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty Humanity has been cannon fodder in concocted wars and revolutions for millennia. Anywhere you look it is still going on today. The strategy for authoritarianism … Continue reading

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The Left-Wing Way To Unite a Divided Country

…as we learned from Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush, the establishment doesn’t actually want the military to win wars – because that means peace will be at hand, and that is not good for the establishment.   And it … Continue reading

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