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Sequestration 2013

from: Classic Liberal Blog The sequester, a handful of “cuts” to federal spending, is set to go into effect this Friday (March 1), and it’s causing a lot of panic in both the media and Washington, D.C. “Hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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25 Signs American Women Are Being Destroyed By The Sexual Revolution And Our Promiscuous Culture

Joe Sobrin was right when he said, “The problem with Americans is that they are immoral, fat, lazy and stupid. Think about it. In order to be and to remain free, a society must be moral. It is imperative. It … Continue reading

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Government, the New Debtors’ Prison

“If you go to work for the government or a nonprofit, they will pay your student loan.” Nothing buying off lackeys and lap dogs. See now why I have began adding “educational” to the military-industrial-congressional-educational complex? — jtl, 419 by … Continue reading

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