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Is Francis a Fascist?

This is exactly the opposite of reality regarding university education:  University education has been almost completely taken over by the pope’s fellow leftists whose true “religion” is cultural Marxism, or left-wing political correctness.  He must be the only person on … Continue reading

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Meet the Communists Praised by the Pope in his Congressional Address

 Basically, Pope Francis is attempting what the Soviet Union could not manage to pull off in the past, and that’s to forcibly convert the US to Communist ideology. See! I’m not the only one that understands what the phony bastard … Continue reading

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The Pope and Lincoln

This (along with the injustices of reconstruction) is what created the systemic racism and racial hatred (in all directions) that simmers just beneath the surface and will, upon economic melt down, surely erupt into a very ugly, very nasty, very … Continue reading

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The Speech Pope Francis Should Have Given

 But, sadly, did not Francis is a Marxist. That’s why the media et al are wringing their hands and wetting their panties over him. — jtl, 419 by Lawrence W. Reed from the Foundation for Economic Education   Pope Francis, Address … Continue reading

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‘Limits On Free Speech’ – The Pope’s Latest Effort To Bring Muslims And Catholics Closer Together

John Locke’s philosophy (upon which America was founded) posits a “self-ownership” axiom — we each own ourselves. There are only two other options: 1) someone else owns us (we call that slavery) or 2) we each own a pro-rata share … Continue reading

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