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The Incredible Story Of How Kim Kardashian’s Ancestors Escaped The Armenian Genocide

Could you imagine a president refusing to acknowledge the Holocaust? He wouldn’t last 15.5 mille seconds. Incidentally, and I am not talking about just the Kardashians, I have never seen an ugly Armenian woman. — jtl By Michael Snyder via … Continue reading

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A Lone Wolf President

When the president effectively writes the laws, Congress is effectively neutered. So whose fault is that? (As the cold dead fingers crowd continues to pine around the campfire with a puzzled look on their faces.) by Andrew P. Napolitano via LewRockwell.com Can … Continue reading

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Black Grievance Month Gets Off to Delicious Start

Cops killing blacks. Blacks killing cops. I see that as just one criminal gang killing members of another criminal gang. It happens any tine there is competition for a monopoly on coercion. I also have no problem seeing and understanding … Continue reading

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MICHELLE TAKES SWIPE AT AMERICAN SNIPER: Criticizes Chris Kyle’s Sex In Military Movie, ‘It’s Always a HE’

All politicians are evil because because, if for no other reason, they live off of stolen money. But these people (the O’Bombers) are not only evil, they are stupid too. From personal experience at Operation Desert Storm, women in a combat zone … Continue reading

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Lessons from Paris 

by Ron Paul via the Ron Paul Institute After the tragic shooting at a provocative magazine in Paris last week, I pointed out that given the foreign policy positions of France we must consider blowback as a factor. Those who … Continue reading

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A friend says: “I am not Charlie Hebdo” (part I)

The topic of government hypocrisy is likely to be boring and “ho hum” to radical libertarians (aka Anarcho-Capitalists). But, that does not make spreading the word any less important–there are still a lot of zombies out there that believe government is the … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Calls for a US Exit Tax on the Horizon

By Staff News & Analysis – via The Daily Bell Why America Needs an Exit Tax … President Obama’s executive action on immigration will end the threat of deportation for as many as 3.7 million parents of American citizens, while also … Continue reading

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