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The Real Tragedy Is that the Presidency Matters

They had no large bureaucracy to control. There was no CIA, NSA, FBI, HUD, DHS, DOL, and so on. They didn’t exist and their functions didn’t exist. The Supreme Court didn’t do much. There was no IRS they could lean … Continue reading

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You Call That a Scandal?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1d_yT0ScP8&goback=%2Egde_4761014_member_245819928    LarkenRose Published on May 29, 2013 The recent “scandal” involving the IRS is completely trivial compared to injustices that are routinely committed across the country by the federal extortion racket.

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Empire, Blood, and Banking: Ron Paul takes Lew Rockwell on a tour of our troubles.

Just yesterday, when discussing the current state of the economy in the uSSA, I had a person say to me, “What we need is a good war.” I replied, “But war does not create wealth. War destroys wealth.” The reply … Continue reading

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The Children of the Drone

They hate us because we are free, or so we have been told. We’re also told that predator drones are keeping us safe by killing dangerous terrorists. Let me introduce you to….The Children of the Drone via Hang the Bankers The girl … Continue reading

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Are the New Generation of Anti-Depressant Medications Contributing to School Shootings?

by George Washington Washington’s Blog SSRI’s May Be Exacerbating Violent Tendencies Before you make up your mind, watch these 3 videos:  For more information, see this, this, this, this, this and this. Reprinted from Washington’s Blog. December 17, 2012 George … Continue reading

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