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What the Supreme Court Got Wrong in Its Gay-Wedding Cake Decision

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling does not address the central problem with “anti-discrimination” laws and other “public accommodation” requirements… At their core, such laws and regulations are fundamentally based on eliminating the private property rights of business owners who ought … Continue reading

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In West, Feds control land — and lots of jobs

“How can somebody who’s managing my public lands tell me I can’t set foot on them?” asked Briels. “How can they close a road I’ve been using for years, and dictate to the ranchers how they’re going to make their … Continue reading

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Free Immigration Is Forced Integration

…the…argument in favor of free immigration is irrefutable and correct. It would be foolish to attack it, just as it would be foolish to deny that free trade leads to higher living standards than does protectionism…It would also be wrongheaded … Continue reading

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Get off your knees, Gov. Pence! You’re not in a gay bath-house

Why do men like Mr. Pence, who understand these principles all too well, buckle before a mob of lobotomized tyrants with the intelligence of a Miley Cyrus? Easy question. Everybody knows that the White, Western European Male is the root … Continue reading

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CEOs Against Private Property

Exclusion Is a Foundation of Private Property… if the law allows for greater discrimination — and thus, enhances private property rights and lessens the load of government regulations — then it is good… Even if the bill does allow for … Continue reading

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Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Overpopulation  

The proposed mandates of Agenda 21 are indeed designed to convince people to welcome the idea of living in stack-and-pack cities micromanaged by a central authority with full control of all resources, lest we tear each other to pieces over … Continue reading

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The “Dog-Eat-Dog” Delusion

As John Locke put it, “the end of government” is “the preservation of property,” protecting all citizens’ rights against predation, including that imposed by government. When force or fraud is enabled, government has rented or sold out this end to … Continue reading

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Property Rights and Property Taxes—and Countries That Don’t Have Them

by Nick Giambruno via Doug Casey’s International Man Do you really own something that you are forced to perpetually make payments on and which can be seized from you if you don’t pay? I would say that you don’t. You would possess such an item, … Continue reading

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Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch Debrief With Stewart Rhodes

 “Agents Provocateur” is the operative word here. It is exactly how the enemy (FedGov) brought down the “militia movement” during the Slick Willie days. You can start yourself a “militia” if you want to. But you can bet your ass … Continue reading

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Why do 546 People own 52% of the Entire Western US?

April 30, 2014. When we think of the US federal government, we imagine the tens of millions of government employees and the tens of millions of private contractors it employs. But the reality is, the federal government was limited by … Continue reading

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