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What No One is Saying about the Epstein Scandal [VIDEO]

Yet, when millions of people’s energy is focused on one event, and it extends across all social media, I can’t help but wonder whether we are playing into their magic alchemy.      Once upon a time a long time ago … Continue reading

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Deciphering code words and control phrases

Few people are aware that change agents exist. They work behind the scenes to craft words and phrases that distort our language and disrupt our thought processes. They make good seem evil and evil seem good and deceive us into … Continue reading

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Trump “Protests” Manufactured by Leftist Elites and Manned by Professional Protesters

…there is evidence that leftist elites are behind the protests and riots across the nation. This is a technique (tactic, if you will) as old as the communist party itself. There is a reason Martin Luther King had direct ties … Continue reading

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The Regime Hates Due Process

I have often argued that it is in times of fear — whether generated by outside forces or by the government itself — when we need to be most vigilant about protecting our liberties. H.L. Mencken once said, “The whole … Continue reading

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4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War

Sometimes the media gets caught fabricating events and twisting reality. Here’s a disturbing look at some of the more recent examples of mainstream media news deceptions, staged events and psy-ops that have been exposed by the international independent press. We all … Continue reading

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The 10 Most Critical Things to Consider When Consuming Mainstream News

It’s no secret that 90% of American media is owned by just 6 corporate conglomerates, and it’s also no secret that the media is used by political and corporate propagandists as a tool to reach deep into the hearts and minds … Continue reading

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Islamic State Promotes Gold, Austrian Economics

Transparent effort to demonize sound money and gold standard…“What better way to mute demands for a return to sound money and the gold standard, than by making them equivalent to jihadist terrorism?” A false flag operation or a brilliant piece … Continue reading

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Lies My History Teacher Told Me.

My high school history teachers all seemed to be ex-jocks who weren’t athletically talented enough to make it to the majors. The main chance for them to continue playing games for pay was to join the teaching profession and coach … Continue reading

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How To Spot And Critique Censorship Tropes In The Media’s Coverage Of Free Speech Controversies

American journalists and pundits rely upon vigorous free speech, but are not reliable supporters of it. They both instruct and reflect their fickle audience. … It’s easy to spot overt calls for censorship from the commentariat. I usually make it … Continue reading

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Measles vs. MMR Vaccine: Risks and Benefits

When I was a child 70 years ago… the vast majority of children come through the illness unscathed and without complications. Yep, I was there. In fact, I never got the measles or the mumps (chickenpox, yes). For years now … Continue reading

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