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Conservation Nation E:1 “Outdoor Access”

Happy Earth Day – jtl, 419   cfact Gabriella Hoffman is on the hunt for the unsung heroes and underappreciated causes of true conservation, environmental success stories, and human ingenuity in this new series, Conservation Nation. On this episode, Gabriella … Continue reading

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A Computerized, Desktop Metal Fabricator for $1,400. DIY Guns? Yes, Sir.

For those of you who are not hard-core gun nuts and may not know: Only a part of any gun is a “controlled item” (the part that the manufacturer must keep a record of and what is actually signed for … Continue reading

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DYI Gun: Biden’s Nightmare Is Here

I have a feeling that, if you are interested in this, you’d best act quickly for our controllers will surely figure out a way to put a stop to it. — jtl, 419 Written by Gary North on May 6, … Continue reading

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Gun Show Trader The Largest Gun Show List for 2013

Check out: Gun Show Trader The Largest Gun Show List for 2013 If the link won’t work for you, copy and paste: http://gunshowtrader.com/gun-shows/  

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This kid is a smart ass but really knows his stuff. Besides, cops are nothing more than goon enforcers for the ruling class mafia and therefore, universally deserve any thing they might get. Yours for freedom in our lifetimes. — … Continue reading

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Privatization of Roads and Highways

Privatization of Roads and Highways By Walter Block The Mises Institute is pleased to introduce Walter Block’s remarkable new treatise on private roads, a 494-page book that will cause you to rethink the whole of the way modern transportation networks … Continue reading

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Go For The Throat – Training and Tactics

  by Louis Awerbuck in the January 2013 issue via SWAT Magazine Many predators go for the throat. Usually deploying their fangs, damaging or destroying an animal’s throat rewards the attacker with steadily increasing incapacitation—sometimes rapid, sometimes not—until the prey is … Continue reading

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If Guns Are “Bad”….

Here is a set of questions to ask your favorite quivering lipped bed wetter. — jtl, 419 December 19, 2012 By eric If guns are bad, how come: All high politicians – including Dear Leader and Gauleiter Bloomberg – are … Continue reading

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