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The Kumbaya Temptation

And anyone who thinks last Tuesday was a call to compromise with Obama has either an ax to grind or a serious hearing problem. I’m all for gridlock in Washington. We sure as hell don’t want the thieving bastards ganging … Continue reading

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“There You Go Again”

Just another explanation of  how and why the whole “system” is a failure and needs to be scrapped in favor of liberty. — jtl, 419 The GOP leadership has not allowed itself to be held accountable to ANYBODY. They wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Against Neocon Domination

379. Against Neocon Domination Ron Paul talks to LewRockwell about these enemies of freedom. Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Ron Paul News Ron Paul’s Homeschool Curriculum Ron Paul’s facebook page Ron Paul Archives Ron Paul Podcasts The Ron … Continue reading

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What’s next in “Scandalgate”?

by Claire  Wolfe via Living Freedom<!–at by –> With the veritable plethora* of scandals abounding now in Obama’s DC, it’s fun wondering which will become the Scandal du Jour — that is, the one that’ll last more than a week. … Continue reading

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Sequestration 2013

from: Classic Liberal Blog The sequester, a handful of “cuts” to federal spending, is set to go into effect this Friday (March 1), and it’s causing a lot of panic in both the media and Washington, D.C. “Hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Gov. Bobby Jindal: “Pull Your Kids Out of the Public Schools.”

It has been a long time since I heard any politico give advise that good. — jl, 419 by Gary North at the Tea Party Economist Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech at a National Review summit  meeting on … Continue reading

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