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Attacking Police and Enacting Violence Will Do Nothing to Stop Brutality — It Will Make it Far Worse

I really had a hard time getting through this sniveling, suck up to the enemy drivel. Then I made it down to the “former Marine/Intel Operator” part and the light came on. Therefore, I decided to re-blog the piece and … Continue reading

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You can’t feed your arms to a predator…

The question is, Will they resist or will they hush the children and walk quietly into the trench like they have every time before? — Meantime will the “Cold Dead Fingers”crowd resist or will they continue to sit around the … Continue reading

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Yes, We Can! Oppose The State…But Be Careful ‘How’

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Wendy McElroy] You can’t fight City Hall. This is propaganda issued by City Hall – government and bureaucrats – to discourage those who would dissent, rebel or resist. “Nothing can be … Continue reading

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The only other way to restore American freedom is to trigger a massive, collective outrage in the population. To create that outrage it would only be necessary to assemble small, dedicated groups of people in each government division, from the … Continue reading

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Nonparticipation And Decentralization As Primers For Revolution

Meanwhile the truth is Obama is nothing more than a minor obstacle compared to the greater evil of central banking and internationalism, and a neocon Republican (or provocateur general) could easily continue Obama’s work without missing a beat. And he … Continue reading

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Resist, Resist, Resist

In truth, one against whom you cannot defend yourself might be well considered your master, even your owner. If any country is to be regarded as free, the citizens thereof must have a universally acknowledged right to resist unlawful arrest, … Continue reading

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