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Tyranny, Theft, Lying, Mass-Murder

I highly recommend this book. But be warned, if you decide to go ahead and read it, your views on humanity and your own perspective of reality will be forever changed and there will be no coming back. And that, … Continue reading

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Why Tenure-Seeking Non-Keynesian Economists Hate Rothbard

My recommendation: begin your economic studies with Rothbard’s books. That has been my recommendation for a long long time. I’ve always felt that, if you can convince a person to read either The Ethics of Liberty or For a New … Continue reading

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Anarcho-Capitalism: An Annotated Bibliography

By Hans-Hermann Hoppe via LewRockwell.com Here is the essential reading on anarcho-capitalism, which might also be called the natural order, private-property anarchy, ordered anarchy, radical capitalism, the private-law society, or society without a state. This is not intended to be a … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Paradox

Why is it so difficult to persuade people of what they implicitly believe already? I have grappled with that question for many years. But, like most things libertarian, the answer is very simple once someone like Lew Rockwell explains it. … Continue reading

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The Anti-Rothbard Cult

A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 297 with Tom Woods discussing the Anti-Rothbard Cult Recently by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: ‘The Question Libertarians Just Can’t Answer’, Part IIListen to the podcast ROCKWELL: At the recent Mises University, Tom Woods gave quite an … Continue reading

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Why Liberals Hate Conspiracy Theories

by Gary North I wrote an article on Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard. I argued  that one of the reasons why tenured Austrian School economists want to distance  themselves from him, is his writings on conspiracies  in American history. English: … Continue reading

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Do you hate the State?

via the Humane Condition I think we have all heard tell of the above mentioned “libertarian litmus test”, and while I may not agree with the terminology, I have always felt it usefully applicable in conversation. This question comes from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Murray!

As I write this, it’s still Murray Rothbard’s birthday. Rothbard, of course, is the world’s first professed anarcho-capitalist (he coined the phrase) and hence a man we here at TDV celebrate warmly and with vigor. English: Murray Rothbard in the … Continue reading

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Police, Law, and the Courts: A synopsis and summary of Chapter 12 of Murray N. Rothbard’s For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto

For the past few days we have been talking about certain “legal” matters from the libertarian perspective. It seems to me that the next logical step would be to “enforcement.” How would these “rules” be enforced in a society free … Continue reading

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Property Rights and the Theory of Contracts:

A detailed review and synopsis of Chapter 19 in Murray N. Rothbard’s book, The Ethics of Liberty.   by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume The right to contract is derived from the right of private property. The only enforceable contracts are … Continue reading

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