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While ISIS Melts the Map, the Pentagon Fiddles

Unfortunately, it’s another depressing example of how misguided and dogmatic US military thinking has become…Apparently, if Saudi Arabia does fall, everyone in the US military can say whocoudaknowd?  (the same thing the idiot savants on Wall Street said in 2008). … Continue reading

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Jihadi Entrepreneurs and the IPO of the Century

ISIS is…an entrepreneurial organization consumed with finding innovative ways to make money.  One that isn’t tied down to territory, form of organization, or method of operation.  It can change on a dime if it generates more funding. Emphasis is mine because that … Continue reading

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Abdullah is Dead. ISIS has an opportunity to flip the Kingdom. Here’s how.

by John Robb via Global Guerillas Last week I wrote that ISIS would attack Saudi Arabia this spring.  This week the opportunity to attack with a high likelihood of success arrived: The King of Saudi Arabia died today.  Unfortunately for … Continue reading

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What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?

One hesitates to ask these questions and to make even the most obvious remarks out of fear not only of being put on a watch list and framed on some charge or the other, but also out of fear that … Continue reading

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Free Immigrants, Free Capital, Free Markets

Instead of lamenting immigrants we should be welcoming them, especially the low-skilled ones. The alternative to having them here is much worse. Think of international borders as being much like the permeable membrane on the root of a plant. Forever … Continue reading

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How do you spell False Flag Operation?

I immediately got suspicious over the same thing that immediately made me suspicious about the Oklahoma City thing–the get away plan, or lack there of. Looks to me like any body smart enough to engineer and operation like either OKC … Continue reading

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