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The Natural Right of Self Defense

And that especially pertains to defending ourselves from government tyranny. What are we waiting for? The force and violence has already been initiated in spades.  — jtl, 419 via JPFO Those who understand the true meaning of the Second Amendment … Continue reading

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BRUTAL FOOTAGE of Unsuspecting Navy Veteran Knocked Out by Thug in “Knockout Attack” (VIDEO)

Blacks commit 25 times more violent assaults on Whites. That’s not news to anybody…except maybe the bimbos and bozos that run the network news. Teaching point: What did this (white) guy do wrong? (After all, it IS his fault because … Continue reading

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You can’t feed your arms to a predator…

The question is, Will they resist or will they hush the children and walk quietly into the trench like they have every time before? — Meantime will the “Cold Dead Fingers”crowd resist or will they continue to sit around the … Continue reading

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The Ol’ One-Two

 It’s far better if you’re the guy throwing that shot than if you’re the guy catching that shot. That’s pretty much been my experience. lol — jtl, 419 Via Mountain Guerilla “I don’t need that karate crap! I’ve got Glock … Continue reading

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LADIES: If You Have Kids And You Carry A Gun YOU MUST READ THIS!

  Written by Skip Coryell via Clash Daily In light of the recent tragic death of Veronica Rutledge in Idaho, I wanted to give some insight into the dangers of carrying concealed inside a purse. For those of you who … Continue reading

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What would make you pull your gun?

by Kevin Michalowski via Personal Liberty This is a question I ask concealed carry students and instructors. Think about that gun on your hip. Think about the feeling of comfort it gives you knowing that, if need be, you could take … Continue reading

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The Right to Resist

I’ll bet you can’t watch the video at the bottom of the page all the way through. I couldn’t. — jtl, 419 Written by Eric Peters via American Daily Herald Why do random strangers in special costumes get to wield … Continue reading

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An Armed Society is a Riotless Society

By Jack Perry via LewRockwell.com So, when Ferguson got the grand jury ruling they didn’t like, they showed how interested they were in justice by burning down the businesses of people that had nothing at all to do with it. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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by Gabe Suarez at Suarez International Its funny that in this day and age, there are guys that still assume the knife guy or guys are unskilled buffoons that are too poor or too stupid to use guns. And it … Continue reading

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 by Gabe Suarez via Suarez International Continuing the discussion on what makes us different. This time equipment and tactics.  Other groups will include Aftermath Issues, Personal Tactics and Opsec, and a couple of other things. EQUIPMENT AND TACTICS 1). Appendix … Continue reading

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