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Texas Boy Tasered by Officer After Breaking up School Fight, Remains in a Coma

All the more reason to pull your kids out of the pubic (not a typo) schools–to avoid having them tasered into a coma by some Costumed Coward with a Gun and a Badge. — jtl, 419 By Russia Today  RT.com … Continue reading

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Colorado Gun Control Law Is Unenforceable, Say Colorado’s Sheriffs.

Written by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist  A gun control law set to go into effect in July specifies that anytime that a gun owner allows anyone to have control of his gun for over 72 hours, that person to receive … Continue reading

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Why is it a “Crime” to Disarm a Uniformed Aggressor?

by William N. Grigg via Pro Libertate No, they’re not ETs; they’re JBTs: El Paso County SWAT operators play-act a big drug bust. Sheriff Terry Maketa of Colorado’s El Paso County has promised his constituents that he “will actively oppose … Continue reading

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Put Not Your Trust in Federalized Sheriffs

 “There isn’t a single county sheriff’s office in the country that hasn’t compromised itself by accepting federal funds, and collaborating in unconstitutional federal enforcement operations.” Yep, and that is exactly the way it is right here in our own little … Continue reading

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