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The Great Financial Catastrophe

 So the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-9 will now transcend into the Great Financial Catastrophe. This could very well involve a total reset or more likely a collapse of the world economy, financial system and world political system. And it … Continue reading

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Civil Unrest Has Begun In Baltimore And This Is Only Just The Start Of Something MUCH Bigger

This kind of thing is not supposed to happen in America…But it is happening.  Ferguson set the precedent, and now this is going to spread all over the country. As many of you know,  I have been predicting for years … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun Columnist Asks If It’s Time for the Government to Kill “Gun Nuts”

Just yesterday I was attacked by a left wing pervert who had stumbled upon some of the FlyoverPress posts to Google+. He simply went down the list of our publications over the past few weeks and issued a rant on … Continue reading

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