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The Tragedies of Social Justice

Sowell provides evidence that people won’t take racial discrimination at any cost. The higher its cost the less it will be tolerated, and vice versa. One example is segregated seating on municipal transit in the South. Many companies were privately … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Calls for a US Exit Tax on the Horizon

By Staff News & Analysis – via The Daily Bell Why America Needs an Exit Tax … President Obama’s executive action on immigration will end the threat of deportation for as many as 3.7 million parents of American citizens, while also … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Paradox

Why is it so difficult to persuade people of what they implicitly believe already? I have grappled with that question for many years. But, like most things libertarian, the answer is very simple once someone like Lew Rockwell explains it. … Continue reading

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