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The Forbidden History of Smuggling

Trade is fundamental to the basic nature of man. That is why laws of prohibition (i.e. the War on Drugs) can and never will work. — jtl, 419 From: FREEMANSPERSPECTIVE Smuggling has been one of the most common economic activities … Continue reading

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The Economics of World Government

by Hans-Hermann Hoppe A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 130 of Hans-Hermann Hoppe at the 2009 Mises University talking about the economics of political centralization.  Listen to the podcast Hans-Hermann Hoppe ANNOUNCER: This is the Lew Rockwell Show. … Continue reading

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Economics and Religion

These two powerful aspects of human life deserve to be examined and they deserve to be freed from the errors foisted upon them by the ego-driven. The Economic Methodology Of “Know Thyself” Bridges The Divide.  There are those who doubt … Continue reading

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