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The Election Results Are In: As Always, You Lost!

The politicians who are fighting over power at the polls are all proponents of empire, and they will do nothing but continue the policies that have made the United States a third world country.   Yep, even Trump called himself a … Continue reading

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Why We should Abandon the State

Many people otherwise favoring unfettered freedom will qualify their position with an inevitable “but” — “but we need government to provide physical security and dispute resolution, the most critical services of all.” Really? I wish I had a Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

 If everyone ignored the petty, idiotic rules the government couldn’t possibly enforce them. Widespread civil disobedience would overwhelm the system, letting us “pour sugar into the gas tank of the government.”   That sounds like something that my buddies in … Continue reading

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Why the Fuss About National Borders?

Look at a world map and ponder: Every one of those “national borders” were drawn there as a result of force or violence—conquest, war, etc. Knowing that, why does a common howl almost always go up when a stateless society … Continue reading

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Statelessness: They Say it Like it’s a Bad Thing

For two centuries, anarchists have treated the state as a cancer. Maybe we were wrong. Maybe it was actually a viable organ. But if so, it is now a vestigial organ — humanity’s appendix, if you will. It serves no worthwhile … Continue reading

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Thinkers Who Challenged the State

Anyone even remotely interested in being free should read this essay from top to bottom. — jtl, 419 by David Gordon via the Mises Daily This essay is adapted from David Gordon’s talk at the Costa Mesa Mises Circle. Click here to register for January’s Houston Mises Circle. I’m glad … Continue reading

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How To Defend Yourself

The reaction of a free territory is distinctly different. There is no government which makes one decision. Instead, there are numerous institutions and individuals who choose their own defense strategy, either independent of or in cooperation with others, each in … Continue reading

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“Shouldn’t Artists Be Paid?” It Depends

“If your business model requires artificial scarcity and illogical legal violence to keep the money coming in, it deserves to fail.” — Katherine Gallagher by Kevin Carson via Center for a Stateless Society Recently someone on an email discussion list I … Continue reading

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