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The College Bureaucracy: How Education Forgot the Students and Became A Business

Ralph Reiland wrote in 1996 in the National Review that “over the past two decades, the number of college and university faculty has increased by 30 per cent and the number of non-faculty jobs on campus has more than doubled.” … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Well Known Americans

It is a tradition of FlyoverPress.com to re-publish this essay each year to coincide with the MLK “holiday.” — jtl, 419 By Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume Along about this time each January, I find myself reflecting upon the lives of … Continue reading

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The Collapse of the Value of a College Education

This is the “big picture” explanation for why I turned in my belly button and quit the club at the university. More colloquially stated it was because I finally got all of the lying, deceiving, self-dealing, obfuscating, violations of law … Continue reading

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