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Kim Davis vs. Judicial Tyranny

Whence, then, did this “law” come? Answer: This is a creation of a Supreme Court that has usurped the legislative power to impose a secularist anti-Christian ideology on a nation, much of which still rejects it, but has no recourse … Continue reading

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There Is No Such Thing as “Settled Public Policy”

 Of course, you don’t have be the world’s biggest cynic to see why those who use this phrase use it in this context. It’s merely a political tactic — because its practitioners know politics trumps law — to shut the … Continue reading

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A Coming Era of Civil Disobedience?

A secession of the heart has already taken place in America, and a secession, not of states, but of people from one another, caused by divisions on social, moral, cultural, and political views and values, is taking place. Indeed it … Continue reading

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Regulation Run Amok—And How to Fight Back

Too many government regulations today are pointless and prevent us from doing our jobs as well as we could, writes Charles Murray. His modest proposal: Ignore them. My Ancap colleagues will be quick to point out that Murray is a … Continue reading

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Supreme Court: Police Cannot Prolong a Traffic Stop

 We hold that a police stop exceeding the time needed to handle the matter for which the stop was made violates the Constitution’s shield against unreasonable seizures. They are going to have to do better than that if they ever … Continue reading

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Freedom Watch

This ought to keep you out of the bars and pool halls for a day or two. — jtl, 419 IN THE COURTS Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval for Government to Take Anybody’s DNA RESISTANCE How I Requested My Photographs … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court Marching Lock Step with the Police State

If you have any doubt what-so-ever but what there is one set of rules for them and another completely different set for the rest of us mere mundanes, watch this brief little video. The tenured for life, wannabe transvestites in … Continue reading

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Ignorance Is No Excuse for Wrongdoing, Unless You’re a Cop

In failing to enforce the Constitution, the Court gave police the go-ahead to justify a laundry list of misconduct, from police shootings of unarmed citizens to SWAT team raids, roadside strip searches, and the tasering of vulnerable individuals with paltry … Continue reading

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Rutherford Institute Press Release

For Immediate Release: December 15, 2014 U.S. Supreme Court Rules 8-1 that Citizens Have No Protection Against Fourth Amendment Violations by Police Officers Ignorant of the Law WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a blow to the constitutional rights of citizens, the … Continue reading

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Judicial ‘sappers and miners’ undermined the constitutional fabric of the nation

The elites have used gradualism to slowly deprive Americans of their rights one by one and bit by bit. It will take 238 years or more to return the same freedom to Americans they had at the founding of the … Continue reading

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