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5 Major Stories That Blow The “Official” Narrative On Syria Out Of The Water

Below is a list of five different stories that should make you question everything the United States has told you about Syria.  There is only one thing about government of any level you can always be sure of–they ALWAYS lie, … Continue reading

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Putin: Syria Chemical Attack Was ‘False Flag’, More Coming

“They plan to plant chemicals in Damascus and accuse the Syrian government of an attack”…Putin went on to compare the situation in Syria to Saddam Hussein’s non existent weapons of mass destruction, indicating that he may believe that the US … Continue reading

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What Should Be Done?

Because the US and its allies are essentially on the same side as ISIS and other groups – seeking the overthrow of Assad – many of the weapons they have sent to the more “moderate” factions also seeking Assad’s ouster … Continue reading

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The Open Jihad

This is an enemy that no nation-state with its rigidity will ever be able to defeat. That is what I mean when I say, the government needs to put down its collective pencil, turn the lights out and go home. They … Continue reading

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Why Millions of Christians Will Mourn This Christmas

But, but, but…they hate us because we are “free,” don’t they? — jtl, 419 By Daniel McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute via LewRockwell.com It will be a miserable Christmas for the overseas victims of US interventions this year. Though … Continue reading

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Invasion, occupation and torture

Myself and every other Vietnam veteran I know tried to tell them they were screwing the pooch from the get go but nobody would listen. How could they ignore all that “experience?” Easy answer. They don’t care. All they were … Continue reading

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The Beheading That Never Was? – The Kassig Killing And Western War Propaganda

If Kassig was indeed beheaded then his murder is without a doubt a tragedy and an act of savage brutality. But there is one thing lacking in the narrative provided by Western governments and their media mouthpieces regarding the beheading … Continue reading

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The Forever War

How many times is the uS government going to have to get its ass kicked before it learns? Answer: It will never learn as long as it can print money. — jtl, 419 by Patrick J. Buchanan The strategy that … Continue reading

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Never Forget 9/11… And Never Stop Asking What It Really Was

by Jeff Berwick via The Dollar Vigilante Each year I like to take a pause to remember 9/11.  After all, it was the false flag inside job terrorist attack that has changed everyone’s lives on Earth so dramatically. This year … Continue reading

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War Profiteers, Slavery, and the Hypocrisy of Imperialism

via Center for a Stateless Society …“politicians and soldiers work for (and constitute part of) the political class. Their job is to transfer as much wealth as possible from your pockets to that class’s bank accounts.”… “no one, be it individual … Continue reading

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