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The American Revolution Was Not a Party

by Ryan McMaken via Mises Daily Writing on the Ferguson protests and riots, Darlena Cunha claimed in Time Magazine that the Tea Party “gets its name from a riot, The Boston Tea Party.” Cunha went on to then claim that … Continue reading

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“There You Go Again”

Just another explanation of  how and why the whole “system” is a failure and needs to be scrapped in favor of liberty. — jtl, 419 The GOP leadership has not allowed itself to be held accountable to ANYBODY. They wouldn’t … Continue reading

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GOP ‘wants to sic IRS on tea party’

Republican establishment wants grassroots movement in federal crosshairs Fuck the GOP (and the Democrats too). via WND    Longtime political observer and commentator Pat Caddell said it, and it’s now out in the open: Some key leaders in the GOP actually … Continue reading

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10 Lessons from the Government Shutdown

Eric Blair via Activist Post Thank God the government shutdown crisis is over. Not because it averted economic catastrophe, that’s still coming, but because the phony narrative was destructive. It dragged even the most open-minded people into a designated political camp. … Continue reading

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Forbes Opinion Editor: IRS Scandal Ain’t Nothing But a Thang

via GJWHG As seemingly every sentient being now knows, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has apparently been selective when it comes to the entities its agents scrutinize for tax-payment irregularities. Tea Party groups in particular (organizations known to be less sympathetic … Continue reading

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