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Governmental Highway Robbery: Asset Forfeiture and the Pillaging of the American People

By John W. Whitehead via the Rutherford Institute “This is the problem when police officers and police departments have a financial interest in doing their job. We got rid of bounty hunters because they were not a good thing. This … Continue reading

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Commentary by Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

by Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger Leco Bearcat tactical vehicle used by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) SWAT team I’ll admit I’ve had a dark cloud hanging over me lately. Just seems that the Rot is progressing faster than I … Continue reading

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Quote for Today

  Fell over the fiscal cliff, & lo! ’twas a mouse-burp deal as I foretold. Tee-tiny tax increase, not much spending cut, engine of inflation left un-overhauled, burning oil, & needing a ring job pretty badly.   WHY do y’all keep … Continue reading

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The Day General Grant Expelled the Jews

  Now here is some history of the kind you won’t find in the Yankee Occupier’s Propaganda Camps (aka government funded “public” schools. But, whada ya expect? — jtl, 419 Written by Gary North on December 11, 2012 In less … Continue reading

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