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The Proof Is In: The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History

Washington asserts the power of US courts over foreign nationals and claims extra-territorial jurisdiction of US courts over foreign activities Even Valdamir Putin has more respect for the sovereignty of nations than the uSSA Mafia does. And I actually bought … Continue reading

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Security Theater: Customary Federal Pointlessness

 Terrorism by Moslems in America and Europe cannot be stopped. If attacks do not occur, it will be because nobody tried very hard. Stopping them would require excluding Moslems, deporting them, or controlling them by totalitarian methods. Or, improbably, minding … Continue reading

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Lawmakers Vote to Let Obama Take Your Passport Without Trial

As if to illustrate how out of touch with the U.S. Constitution most members of Congress have become, the legislation, HR 237, also known as “FTO (foreign terrorist organization) Passport Revocation Act,” did not even receive a recorded vote — … Continue reading

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Strategic Savagery: How to Use Terror

Actually, I have always said that the largest terrorist organization on the face of the earth is the Internal Revenue Service. Did you ever get a letter from them? Were you apprehensive–elevated heart rate, shaky hands–what is that if it … Continue reading

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“Heresies About The Hebdo Headache”

Then there was the showy and meaningless parade of parasites in Paris, from which Onan No. 1 was absent… That one got a belly laugh. — jtl, 419 “Heresies About The Hebdo Headache” by Illiana Mercer is the current column, … Continue reading

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Foiled FBI Terror Plots Curiously Quiet During Surge of Mass Shootings

Eric Blair via Activist Post Disclaimer: If you can’t handle paranoid conspiracy theories, stop reading this now. If you’re currently taking SSRIs, please stop reading this instant. Leave this website. There is information here that challenges the authority of officialdom, and thus … Continue reading

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“Terrorism” Could Cost You Your Gun Rights – Enemy At The Gates

by Claire Wolfe in the December 2013 issue  of SWAT Magazine You too could be a “terrorist.” And you don’t have to do anything violent or even vaguely threatening to earn that status. In some cases, merely being an ordinary … Continue reading

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Making the Victim Pay for the Bullet

via Pro Libertate  In overtly totalitarian countries, families of condemned state enemies are often required to pay for the bullets used to execute their loved ones. Two recent federal court rulings indicate that a very similar custom has taken root … Continue reading

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Americans Troubled More by Governmental Abuse Than Terrorism

Having grown up during the Cold War, it is really hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the Russians are lecturing us about freedom. What is even harder is to realize that all those things I … Continue reading

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Only an Incipient ‘Terrorist’ Denounces State Murder

by William Norman Grigg via LewRockwell.com According to the SPLC, the people in the burning building were the “terrorists.” “There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat,” warns an unusually strident house … Continue reading

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