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Freedoms we’ve lost while our military is ‘fighting for our freedoms’

Money printing and wars go hand in hand. They steal your wealth and freedom and, more importantly, your sons and daughters.   My Marine Corps career span some 30 years (reserve time ran parallel with an academic career) and included … Continue reading

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Why America is in perpetual war

People don’t start wars. Governments do. — jtl, 419 by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty Humanity has been cannon fodder in concocted wars and revolutions for millennia. Anywhere you look it is still going on today. The strategy for authoritarianism … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time To Admit The Deception

75 years ago today, Franklin D. Roosevelt murdered some 2,400 sailors, soldiers, Marines and civilians.  — jtl, 419 By Makia Freeman    The Pearl Harbor false flag operation of December 7th, 1941 which provided the excuse for the US to enter … Continue reading

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Back to Iraq? You Bet!

Hell yes, as we began yelling on day one–Carbon copy of Vietnam. — jtl, 419 By Daniel McAdams As usual, the interventionists who run the US foreign policy establishment are drawing all the wrong conclusions from the news that the former … Continue reading

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