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U.S. Government to Citizens: ‘You Can’t Leave without Our Permission’

This is very hard (and saddening) to take by someone who lived through the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. We used to laugh at the old Soviet Union pointing out that it was obvious something was wrong when they … Continue reading

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Researcher Makes Bombs, Guns Using Airport Gift Shop Items

Never ever pass up an opportunity to point out the failure of the State. Actually, it is much like clubbing baby seals–its pretty easy work since there is such an abundance of material. — jtl, 419 Exploits huge security flaw … Continue reading

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Disappearing Moral Underpinning of America

  [Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Jayant Bhandari] Reminiscent of communist countries, Obama’s photograph greeted me on my arrival at the Los Angeles airport. “Welcome to the United States of America.” Typically when I hear someone … Continue reading

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Alex Jones Detained By TSA

 Note that when I clicked on the “Read the rest of the article” link at the bottom of the page (which is to Alex Jones’ web site, InfoWars), the bells started ringing and the whistles blowing and my anti-virus software told … Continue reading

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The Exploitation of Labor by Government

And this is why a college education is important. It gives you choices. You can either 1) go back to doing what you were doing before or 2) spend the rest of your life in an olive drab government cubicle … Continue reading

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You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

Written by Gary North at The Tea Party Economist on December 20, 2012  You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…   You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in … Continue reading

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TSA’s Grip on Internal Travel is Tightening

by Wendy McElroy at The Dollar Vigilante   The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tightening its grip on domestic travcel. I don’t mean the random, unpredictable security checks at bus, subway and train stations which already exist. I mean a … Continue reading

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