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What Is America’s Cause in the World Today? By Patrick J. Buchanan

And when Vladimir Putin and Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko are standing up for traditional values against Western cultural elites, the East-West struggle has lost its moral clarity… Democracy crusading is out of style as the free elections we have demanded have … Continue reading

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It’s Open Season on the Tech Elite

Unfortunately for the suits in Silicon Valley, ISIS isn’t as much of a pushover as al Qaeda was. They have mass and momentum and they are smart enough to understand the role of the Internet in this struggle. John Robb … Continue reading

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‘I Stand With Phil’ Petition Links Restored on Twitter

See? We don’t have to take their shit. We can shove it right back at them. This could get to be “habit forming.” Ou rah! — jtl, 419 By Michael Mullins via NewsMax.com   “I stand with Phil” petition links have been … Continue reading

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TWITTER WAGES WAR AGAINST PHIL ROBERTSON: Twitter BLOCKS Users from Linking to Pro-Phil Robertson Website

By Girls Just Want to Have Guns  Twitter has blocked users from linking to a website supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after his scathing remarks about homosexuality last week. The site iStandwithPhil.com has been flagged, which means tweets containing links … Continue reading

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DO IT: A&E List of Advertisers – Hit the Network Where it Hurts – The Wallet!

  By Brittany Pounders  via Clash Daily I went to bed mad and I woke up still fuming at this culture of cry babies who throw tantrums when they hear someone else dare stand for the courage of their conviction … Continue reading

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Which America Do You Live In? – 21 Hard To Believe Facts About “Wealthy America” And “Poor America”

Did you know that… 65 percent of all American workers make less than $40,000 a year before taxes… (and) the average federal employee living in the Washington D.C. area received total compensation worth more than $126,000. Ho hum, just another … Continue reading

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New Black Panthers: “Unrest All Over America” if Zimmerman Acquitted

It is inevitable so we might as well go ahead and get it over with. Bring it on! — jtl, 419 Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com July 12, 2013 The extremist New Black Panthers Party has predicted “unrest all over America” … Continue reading

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Why I’m Teaching My Son To Break the Law

Making the world freer is always right, especially when the law is wrong . In 1858, hundreds of residents of Oberlin and Wellington, Ohio—many of them students and faculty at Oberlin College—surrounded Wadsworth’s Hotel, in Wellington, in which law enforcement officers … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal Defends Killing Americans With Drones

by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist Senator Rand Paul filibustered yesterday for 13 hours against John “Drone  Man” Brennan’s nomination to run the CIA. This outraged the Wall Street  Journal. Give Rand Paul credit for theatrical timing. As … Continue reading

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