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New Obama Terror Czar Will Target Conservatives, Christians

Indeed, so outrageous and brazen has the administration’s anti-Christian bigotry become, that the Obama Defense Department was exposed teaching U.S. troops that Evangelical Christians, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews were “religious extremists” in the same category with Hamas and al-Qaeda. Just … Continue reading

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First, They Came for the Bar Owners….

 Chris Penner, owner of the Twilight Room Annex club in Portland, Oregon, had bills to pay and a payroll to meet. He called up his business account only to find that it had been completely drained… The criminals who had … Continue reading

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Back Door For “Real” ID

“Supporters claim it is not a national ID because it is voluntary. However, any state that opts out will automatically make non-persons out of its citizens. The citizens of that state will be unable to have any dealings with the … Continue reading

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Evidence of of Tyranny

Have you seen Britain? You know, the United Kingdom? Gone. Overrun. Gave up their rights. No weapons for law abiding citizens. It’s a surveillance state. Freedom was supposed to be here, in this shining city on the hill. Not fucking … Continue reading

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America: Land of the Whipped and Whimpering

A land of the free and home of the brave would never have allowed itself to be overrun. To the contrary, “This is the land of whipped dogs and whimpering dogs,”… Is it too late? Never. At least not until … Continue reading

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New Bill In Congress Would Ban Private Citizens From Owning Body Armor

Ho hum. It is not as if we haven’t realized for a long time that there is one set of “laws” for them and another, completely different set for the rest of us. — jtl, 419 By Michael Snyder via The … Continue reading

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Trickle-Down Tyranny: Cop Doesn’t ‘Give A Damn’ About Constitution Because Obama Doesn’t

So there you have it boys and girls. Did you ever imagine how easy it would be to take American liberty totally? — jtl, 419 by Sam Rolley  via Personal Liberty Digest A New Jersey police officer refusing to entertain … Continue reading

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A Horrible Thought

by John Rubino via Dollar Collapse Glenn Greenwald’s No Place To Hide chronicles his work with Edward Snowden to bring the US government’s global surveillance network to light. It’s a chilling book for a variety of reasons, including the following: … Continue reading

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The Stealing of America by the Cops, the Courts, the Corporations and Congress

By John W. Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute “What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people. It’s not good at much else.” —Author Tom Clancy Call it what you will—taxes, penalties, fees, … Continue reading

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Where’s Eric Garner’s Amargosa?

via Center for a Stateless Society In the city of Amargosa in Brazil, citizens took to the streets after a stray bullet fire by a local police officer struck and killed a one-year-old girl. But they didn’t stay in the streets. They … Continue reading

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