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Wasn’t Always This Way

A Legacy of Slavery? Don’t make Walter Williams laugh. By Walter E. Williams via LewRockwell.com Academics and public intellectuals, who should know better, attempt to explain the highly visible and publicized pathology witnessed in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, … Continue reading

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10 Amazing Charts That Demonstrate The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker

Yep, just another 3rd world banana republic. — jtl, 419 From: The Economic  Collapse The middle class American worker is in danger of becoming an endangered species.  The politicians are not telling you the truth, and the mainstream media is … Continue reading

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A devastating result of sequestration

by Franklin Sanders via Daily Comentary at The Moneychanger I am so thankful that we own the best congress money can buy. Well, somebody owns it. But one alert Congress-thing, Maxine Waters of California, alerted the entire country with a devastating … Continue reading

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