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Are U.S. Soldiers Really This Dumb?

By Laurence M. Vance via LewRockwell.com A U.S. soldier takes issue with a “false and cowardly article spreading foolish nonsense” that I wrote a few years ago. I call him a soldier because he describes himself in these terms: “I have been … Continue reading

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Manning Show Trial Exposes the Fraud of Representative Democracy

via Center for a Stateless Society Major Ashlend Fein, US Army prosecutor in Bradley Manning’s court martial, caught my attention when he referred to Manning as an “anarchist” in closing arguments. As an anarchist, I’d be proud to share that … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Bases Block Access to Southern Baptist Website

Attention soldiers, sailors and Marines: Quit! Resign! NOW! — jtl, 419 Written by  Dave Bohon   via The New American                Weeks after religious leaders blasted the military for training material that labeled evangelicals, Catholics, and orthodox Jews among “extremist” elements in the … Continue reading

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The Tip of the Spear

I’m a slow learner. It took me a Marine Corps career that span a total of 35 years, which included two of the Yankee Occupation Government’s imperalistic wars, to figure out that I had been a dupe and was first duped … Continue reading

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Scratch a “Liberal,” find a Fascist: The Case of Barbara Boxer

by William Norman Grigg  Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California, a bottomless fountain of foolishness, has proposed a measure that would permit governors to deploy National Guard troops to provide “security” at government-run schools.  “Is it not part of the … Continue reading

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Sixty Years Later, Why Am I a Veteran?

We…should know, we didn’t become veterans to defend our country. Veterans …should be appalled by how they were manipulated into fighting wars to totally serve Banking Class interests…this is still happening …Further, the military we once felt pride in being … Continue reading

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