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Best of Times or Worst of Times?

Does a police contact make you nervous? It should. After all, the goon you are facing is employed by the entity (government) that murdered over 90 million people in the 20th century. — jtl, 419 By Patrick J. Buchanan via LewRockwell.com … Continue reading

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The Cost of Ignoring Military Innovation

After Vietnam and 3 degrees, I can still say that guerrilla warfare was probably the most intellectually intense thing I have ever participated in.  It is a constant and deadly evolutionary game of “one upsmanship” with each side alternately developing … Continue reading

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Mojitos in Havana?

OK,OK, as the Lord and anybody that has hung around for a day or two knows, I am a radical libertarian and passionate believer in the division of labor, free markets and voluntary exchange. But… Having been “of” that generation … Continue reading

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What Really Happened in Vietnam in 6 Minutes

Why, after 45 years, did this bring tears to my eyes? I never knew the details of the betrayal (de-funding by congress) but I have always called it a betrayal (even wrote a book about it). With friends like the … Continue reading

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Hey Grimes, what’s up dude?

It was always a tradition at the old FlyoverPress to republish “Hey Grimes” each Memorial Day. Gary Lynn Grimes was a pure and honorable man. His story is tragic but, more than that, it is representative of a generation betrayed.   … Continue reading

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Well, what do you expect from government?

And this is how a grateful nation says ‘thank you.’ If you have a son, daughter, nephew, niece or anyone else you might have any influence over, do NOT allow him/her to join the Yankee Occupation Government’s killing machine. They … Continue reading

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And Now Afghanistan

This supports my long held questioning of why we bother to study history. It seems we never learn anything from it. The USSR invaded Afghanistan, floundered for over ten long years, spent a zillion rubles, killed untold numbers of people (including their … Continue reading

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The Children and the Chasm

I discussed this with a good man yesterday who helped me a great deal. Although it was first published back in the 90s, I promised him I would get it up on the “new” FlyoverPress. As many of you know, … Continue reading

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So Was It Worth It?

It seems as though the further back the war, the more anti-war the veterans are… and especially from Vietnam veterans. Most of them realize that they were young, ignorant, deceived pawns of the U.S. government and the military industrial-industrial complex, whether … Continue reading

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Is Murder Ever Legitimate?

    Wearing a government suit doesn’t make it so, says Laurence Vance.   In the essay below, Vance wrote: “This means that not only are U.S. troops off the hook for killing tens of thousands of people in Iraq and … Continue reading

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