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The Essence of Liberty

from A Wolf in a Sheeple’s Worldom: November 23 2013 would have been David Nolan’s 70th birthday (he died in 2010). If you don’t know that name, it’s okay; most people don’t either. Mr. Nolan is one of the founders of the … Continue reading

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Surrender in the Culture Wars. It All Over, Don´t it?

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything How the hell did it happen? I lived, 1951 to 1956, aged six to eleven, in the Arlington suburbs of Washington and, ´56 to´57, in smalltown Athens, Alabama, and eighth grade through high … Continue reading

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How We Were Before Night Fell

What are we to feel other than contempt for  these intellectually bedraggled victims, not of their beloved sexism and racism  but of a demented egalitarianism that thinks that pretending that everyone is  educated is better than allowing those capable of … Continue reading

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Gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to stay in jail after refusing to speak to judge

Adam Kokesh (AFP Photo/Tim Sloan) Mark my words. They will kill this guy or, at best, find some equally effective way to silence him because he has gained in enough notiraiety to be a threat to them. — jtl, 419 During … Continue reading

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Rutherford Institute Presents Arguments in 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Over Civil War Heritage Group’s Right to Fly Confederate Flag

From: The Rutherford Institute May 16, 2013 RICHMOND, Va. — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit heard arguments today in a First Amendment lawsuit filed by The Rutherford Institute, which alleges that the City of Lexington, Va., … Continue reading

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